Nothing Has Changed for Me

Last updated: August 2020

I went to the eye doctor in May of 2017 who sent me to the retina doctor because of wavy lines in my left eye. He started me on shots right away but after all this time it has pretty much stayed the same.

Fuzzy spot in my central vision

I guess I am glad it hasn't progressed. I get shots about every 7 to 8 weeks of Eylea. I have a fuzzy spot in the middle of my eye for doesn't bother me for routine things. I do depend on my right eye. My regular eye doctor who I see once a year says I could pass a driver's test with it but that is a scary thought.

Painful all day after the shot

I don't use magnifying glass unless some writing is very small. I went several years where I never had any pain after the shot but the last couple times it has been painful all day. I am using drops & covering my eye the rest of the days which helps a lot & am fine the next day but can't figure out why the change & not getting any help at the doctor's office. I am going to check on the meds after reading on here. Any ideas are appreciated.

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