My Normal Life

At 40 years of age, I started having difficulty reading, so off I went to the optometrist. Her first concern was “things” she could see in my eyes. Did I use a lot of mascara, she queried. No...not really. Well, she didn’t know what these “things” were but she gave me a prescription for glasses, and off I went. Over the next 18 years, I simply bought stronger and stronger reading glasses from the store... hey... I was getting older and eyesight weakens, right?

The woes of aging

At 58, I retired. My hearing... or lack of... was giving me more difficulty and reading was becoming more difficult. Oh, the woes of aging.

Ok so off to get hearing checked first... yes, aids were in order... and to my surprise, I came home and heard birds! It was like the Alfred Hitchcock movie and my hubby informed me, they had always been that loud. Really?
With retiring, I had hoped to sew, read, crochet, and had just taken up golf but the hobbies were impossible, and although I loved golf I never knew where my ball was... no not because I can hit it that far! I wish that was the case! I disliked asking everyone to watch my ball for me and although no one complained and was so nice, I knew it was time to get glasses.

I was losing my vision

I came home from the optometrist... good news – he wasn’t giving me glasses. Bad news – I was losing my vision. My husband and I were stunned and started reading all about macular degeneration. That put our mind at ease... dry macular had a slow progression rate most times, and we found friends whose parents were in their 80s with MD and still could see and many could still read. Whew! I felt ok with this.

Wet AMD in both eyes

Within a couple days of the optometrist appointment, I was with the specialist. More tests and he confirmed “wet” in both eyes and injections would commence. I also found out I could get glasses as all my vision loss was not directly related to MD. So back I went to the optometrist and got my glasses which did help somewhat.

Don’t ask me why but a diagnosis of wet MD did not bother me. I initially hated the thought of injections but quickly found my imagination was worse than reality. I am healthy, happy and so life went on normally. My vision wasn’t/isn’t like it once was but...neither is my body nor my memory!

Four years worth of injections

Fast forward 4 years... I have had injections every 28 days since the beginning in both eyes. We have tried to extend it to 35 days but... faces, trees, poles become very distorted. However, having to have the injections is a small price to pay. Sight is pretty good with a 20/80 and 20/50 with my glasses. I still need help with my golf ball – yes I can hit further! – and my prescription reading glasses, which are a 6 magnification, allow me to crochet and read... except the fine print. I mean really... WHO can read that?!

So...did I have the beginning of MD all those years ago? Who knows. Back then they didn’t know much. I do regret however that I never had my eyes checked again.

Love my lucky, normal life!

Nevertheless, life is good and in truth, I rarely think of MD. Oh, sometimes I get frustrated... especially grocery shopping where I have to be close to the cans – like 6 inches! – just to be able to read the label... forget about expiry dates or directions on anything! I sometimes wonder if people think I am trying to smell the item! But once I leave the store... all frustration is gone! I consider myself pretty lucky and love my normal life!

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