MMD and Glaucoma

Both my eyes have visual field loss from glaucoma. My right eye was my "good" eye until September 2016, when it went blurry and I realized there was a hole in the center of my vision. The ophthalmologist diagnosed me with myopic macular degeneration.

Two Avastin injections stabilized it for two years, but since then I have needed an injection every three months. That eye (my right) now does not have good enough vision for reading, but it has some vision that I'm trying to keep.

My left eye is less myopic so I hope it will not develop MMD, but I'm very careful of it so I can still read. I use sunglasses and hats, and get it checked frequently. (My right eye is -8 diopters, my left is -6.)

My mother and her mother had macular degeneration but were not myopic, so I don't know whether there is a genetic component in my case.

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