My Journey with Wet AMD

Last updated: September 2019

Life can change in an instant!

While watching my grandson, I suddenly realized I couldn’t see out of my right eye: I could see light but nothing else. I called my husband and he came home and took me to the hospital thinking I had a stroke, although only 55 y.o, with no other symptoms.

The large bleed was discovered

The ER thought the same as my blood pressure was high. After a battery of tests, they asked if I was OK now? (lol) They were discharging me when another Dr. came in and said he thought I should transfer to another hospital with an ophthalmologist. This is where the large bleed was discovered.

I was blessed with a Dr. who got me an appointment the next day with a wonderful retinologist. He gave me an injection that day and scheduled me for surgery. My vision was seeming to improve when it started bleeding again and another surgery was required. I have some medial scar tissue but can still read 20/30. (Excentric vision).

Blessings and worries

6 months later my other eye needed injections because of abnormal blood vessels and some leakage. It’s been almost 4 years. I’m extremely blessed to have a great doctor who saved my vision.

I continue to need injections in eyes every 5-6 weeks. I’m looking forward to all the advances that will help deliver the medication without needing injections so frequently. I worry about the cost and being able to afford injections after the retirement of my husband.

Thank you for this group and talking with others who understand.

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