A Slow and Upsetting Process

Last updated: August 2020

My vision problem started with a slight "spider net" above my right eye... I always thought it was some hair that had fallen down or something that went away and then came back.

Dry macular degeneration

My vision problem came to a head when I had cataract surgery done on the right eye first. I wasn't happy about the result and the physician then did a laser. I waited a year to do my left eye and had the same results. Acting on my complaint the doctor sent me to a specialist who ran the dye test and discovered the dry macular degeneration.

Problems with light and blurriness

It has been 8 years and now the light is a big problem and everything is blurry or when I read small bubbles seem to dance in front of my eyes! But, I can see and still drive. I am a very active person and I have had to really focus more on what I am doing. I am looking forward to hearing more about the studies being done.

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