Light streams in onto a quilt that someone is sewing on a sewing machine.

More Light, Please

There are days when this macular degeneration is so frustrating. I can still see to drive or read, but why can’t there be enough light to sew with dark fabrics?

Contrasting colors in a wall hanging

I had quilted a beautiful wall hanging from a pattern called “Dancing Tree” from the amazingly talented quilt artist Caryl Bryer Fallert a few years ago. It’s been rolled up in the back of the closet for a long time waiting for the right spot on the wall.

I finally hung it up, and a friend who was visiting fell in love with it, except for the background color. She asked if I could make her something similar but with a blue background. This wall hanging has a wide black border with a black tree on a red-gold-orange background. The black is the drama.

Changes in color perception

That was when I realized I can’t do this anymore. Or maybe I should say I can’t do it well anymore. I can still do whites and pastels, at least for now. Perhaps I need to start liking white for drama. Stranger things have happened.

Difficulty seeing in low light

God bless sunlight – or not.

My vision is still actually very good. The injections have saved me so far, but there is just less and less light to work with. When I needed to shorten the sleeves on a new navy blue jacket, I could only work in the morning when the sun streams in through my spare room windows.

God bless the sunlight. But then again, no, it’s one of the dangers for our eyes. I know I shouldn’t work in those sunny windows until I get new glasses with blue light blocker lenses. Soon.

Adjusting and adapting

I bought a headlight (makes me feel like a caver) – a headband with an adjustable spotlight on my forehead which helps a bit when I’m working on the sewing machines. But still not as good as my lovely morning sunlight. Sigh.

Cocoons sunglasses

I received a pair of amber Cocoons sunglasses as a thank you gift for participating in a survey.

The Cocoons are great, but when our group’s walks lead into a tree-lined pathway where the sun doesn’t penetrate, off they come. Then back on again when we reach the sun-drenched streets or beaches. But they’re necessary. It seems there is no easy solution. At least not that I’ve found yet.

Adjusting brightness on TV

Has anyone else changed the brightness level of the picture on their TV? Or had to close the blinds just to see the news? Trying to watch a movie where scenes take place at night is definitely frustrating, but for the most part, at least I can still see it.

Frustrations with vision loss

These are just a few of the frustrations that others with macular degeneration will recognize.  Many will agree these supposedly minor symptoms can at times be discouraging.

There are so many negatives with this disease. If this was 15 years ago, it would most likely be just a relentless loss of central vision. But it’s 2019, and we do have some positives. There have been advances in treatment and hopefully many more to come. It makes me realize how fortunate we are to still be able to see at all.

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