Through My Eyes

I was diagnosed at 52 with wet AMD in the right eye with no symptoms or anything wrong.

Referred to a retina specialist

I was testing myself one day just to see how eyesight was holding up. I could not see a bright green smiley my husband bought me when I had an operation. I had a panic attack so we set up an eye appointment then I was referred to a retina specialist.

I stopped injections

I wound up having injections but to no avail, no improvement. I stopped injections due to no improvement and cost. A few years passed and dry AMD hit the left eye. December 2019, I was looking out the new windows my husband had put in with slats. The slats were wavy and v notched.

Wet AMD in the left eye

My fear had happened - wet AMD in the left eye. It was sudden. Now I have to have injections every month.

A daily challenge that others don't understand

A lot of people do not realize what you go through. It's a challenge every day. People don't realize your handicap. The central vision is gone you can't see faces or objects in front of you. Mine is gray-colored. Bright lights and dim lights are bothersome. Depth perception I struggle with like curbing, bleachers, and stairs. I've also experienced Charles Bonnet Syndrome. You see things that take place of missing sight. I've seen little red and blue hot air balloons. You tell yourself it's not real.

The biggest hurdle

On occasion, there's a horrendous pain in the right eye. Retina specialist says it's like the eye having a heart attack. Yes I experience flashers and floaters, too. The biggest hurdle is the cost for treatments every few weeks stacks up quickly. It is a very frightening eye disease.

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