Macular Degeneration Changed My Attitude About Vision

Last updated: March 2022

I always had what was considered excellent vision. At 50 I noticed some packaging instructions and the numbers in the phone book (remember those?) seemed to be getting smaller.

Reading glasses

I went to an optometrist and discovered I needed reading glasses. The prescription was mild but certainly helped.

My mother lost her vision in one eye due to narrow wall glaucoma several years later. That led me to see an ophthalmologist. I still only needed reading glasses although a slightly stronger prescription. Every few years I would go back for a vision check. My vision did not change.

Retina specialist and diagnosis

I went to a new optometrist when we moved and she noticed some drusens that seemed large and sent me to a retina specialist. Diagnosed with Dry Macular Degeneration I went home with a grid and Preservision AREDS. My vision has not changed but sensitivity to light and floaters are a concern.

I see the retina specialist yearly and nothing has changed. I check the grid daily and use it as a bookmark as a reminder and take the AREDS daily.

I will never take my vision for granted again.

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