Blind Art Teacher

My story starts at age 29, my first year of teaching. I was driving and noticed something going on with what I thought my soft contact lenses.

A spot in my central vision

Twenty miles later I pulled over, parked my car, had this brownish/grayish spot in my central vision of left eye.
My face was numb, neck shoulder weak, and could barely move. Drs called it Bells Palsy.

Haven't received a proper diagnosis

I have never been diagnosed properly after 32 years.

I wore a patch and still do from time to time privately to help train my right eye to be strong. One Dr said my brain would pick up signals from my strongest eye. Most days my spot is there with both eyes open.

It's amazing all these new names and diagnoses. Yet my Drs never say a word, maybe I am too scared to ask. Just get a prescription to buy new glasses when need be.

Making art and driving are becoming difficult

Making Art and driving are becoming increasingly difficult.
I wake up each day to see if the large spot is gone, nope it's still there.
I had a successful career and thankful that I could teach with one eye with glasses.

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