Last updated: July 2020

Hello, I'm a 70-year-old single male, I got my diagnosis four days ago, dry AMD, and I have been living on that roller coaster since, scared and depressed.

Feeling very alone

I am an avid golfer and a snowbird from Michigan, it's really messing with my head to think I will have to change my lifestyle soon. I'm glad I found this website as I was feeling very alone. I've read a couple of posts in the forum and see that there are many like me and most far worse.

I've got an appointment with a specialist next month, hopefully, will find out more about my condition and how far advanced I am.

Hoping to learn more from all of you

I'm writing this today mainly because I'm feeling so alone, hopefully I can get more involved and help others as I go along. I actually feel better just writing this and I'm hoping to learn more from those of you already dealing with this. Thanks.

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