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Over A Decade of Macular Degeneration

I have had AMD for 15 years, and I started the injections right away.

They get easier. I am going to be 92 in June. I still drive in the day, and only to places I am familiar.

I read large print books and I do not take any pain killers in fear they may damage my vision. I take every supplement available, not AREDs 2, as they used to contain red dye, and didn't have all of the herbs that may help.

I know doctors recommend them, and if you believe in them, you should take them.

I believe in others. I do eye yoga, and there is no proof that it helps, but I will do anything to keep my vision. I will not try the oxygen therapy at my age, and my M.D. told me not too.
Hopefully, there will be new programs available, and I love the AMD program where we can vent. Thank you all.

Love, Gloria

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