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Take a Break...From Macular Degeneration

Last updated: April 2022

Once diagnosed with macular degeneration (MD), it’s normal, even wise, to seek additional information about your condition. The only hazard is becoming obsessed and focusing entirely on the data - analysis paralysis! As we know, one link leads to another and you can end up researching for hours, even days! We become immersed with information on the internet. I’ve learned the hard way that this is not a good place to stay. Maybe NOW is a good time to take a break. It’s all about balance!

I decided to focus on other things

After spending much time researching and reading about MD, I decided it was time to take a much-needed break to think of other important things in my life apart from MD. It was easy to obsess about my dry AMD and what the future might hold. Then it occurred to me that there is much more going on in my life that deserves just as much attention, if not more! For instance . . .

Spend quality time with family

Finally, I got my very busy daughter and three of her five children to visit us for ping pong, pool, and pizza. Pizza was replaced with turkey sandwiches and chips, affording us more flexibility and eliminating the need to order pizza. As a mother of five, my only daughter has taught me flexibility, so cold cuts made better sense. Everyone had such a good time!

While I watched the kids at the clubhouse pool (with the help of a lifeguard), my daughter enjoyed some much-needed “adult time” playing billiards with my husband, and everyone had a blast playing ping pong. It was the best visit ever. Never once did the thought of MD cross my mind. In this scenario, it didn’t really matter. It was the precious hugs, conversation, and spontaneous laughter that took priority. Laughter really is the best medicine!

Pay attention to other health issues

Another healthy distraction that caught my attention was a need to drop 15 pounds that seemed to magically appear during the 2+ year pandemic. Anyone else have that problem? No longer can I blame weight gain on eating out because we weren’t doing any of that. It was all about eating comfort foods and snacks - all day long - that packed on the pounds.

Rather than try yet another diet, I committed to changing the way I think about food and eating healthy. I’m halfway to my goal. This dedication to a healthier lifestyle was also a nice distraction from MD. I invested time and effort to discover and initiate a sensible, healthy food plan. This also took my attention off the many challenges of MD. Who has time to worry?

Heal mentally and emotionally

Last but certainly not least, I facilitated two meetings a month at my house on meditation and mindfulness. I absolutely know meditation has helped me find peace in spite of the dark side of MD. Holding positive energy and bringing light to the darkness is what meditation does for me, not only with MD but with many of life’s challenges. I don’t ask you to believe this but only to give it a try.

Previously I wrote an article on how to start meditating called, Reduce Macular Degeneration Worry With Meditation. If you read it, let me know how you’re doing by leaving a comment. I hope it helps you find peace with your MD diagnosis as much as it has helped me.

What are some things that might take your mind off MD?

For me, this welcomed break from MD - with family, starting a healthy eating plan and enjoying a meditation group. It was just what I needed and it certainly took my mind off MD and made me smile. What is YOUR plan? What can you do to take your mind off MD? How can you make it happen?

TAKE A WELL DESERVED BREAK and go find your joy! Remember that song. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy?” You deserve a break today - from MD!

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