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Reduce Macular Degeneration Worry With Meditation

Last updated: May 2023

With numerous options available, how do you choose the best way to meditate? The simple answer is: The best way is the one you will do consistently. So why bother to meditate at all, and what does it have to do with MacD?

Why meditate?

Very good questions! There are many benefits to meditating, including relieving stress and anxiety, which often accompanies many chronic health conditions, including macular degeneration. The best news is anyone can do it. It’s free and has absolutely no negative side effects. Maybe you don’t believe you can meditate - Keep reading!

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What works for you?

What works for you may not work for someone else - it’s personal. Try several different kinds of meditation and choose what resonates with you. Then practice, practice, practice!

You can meditate sitting in a chair, walking, or even lying down. Try practicing by closing your eyes or with eyes half-open, gazing down. Try meditating in a small group where the group energy supports your efforts, or try it alone in a quiet spot at home. Listen to soft music or white noise. Others may prefer complete silence. Again, it’s personal. There are many options to consider and try. Here are a few.

Types of meditation to try

What is amazing about meditation is that there is surely one style (or more) that will resonate with you! Try them all and see what works. Some suggestions follow.

    1. Guided Meditations are especially helpful if you are starting a new practice or are easily distracted. Intermittently you will be guided by a soothing voice.
    2. Timed Meditations offer different lengths of meditations to help you ease into your practice, starting briefly with 2 or 3 minutes and gradually increasing the time when you’re ready.
    3. Musical Meditations add an element of soft music and/or rhythmic sounds that help focus.
    4. Silent Meditations are practiced by those who enjoy complete silence in a quiet space.
    5. Walking Meditations can be enjoyed outdoors while walking in the silence.
    6. Breathing Meditations work well by focusing on deep breathing throughout the meditation.
    7. Lying Down while meditating helps you get into a calm, restful space before sleep.
    8. Group Meditation allows a flow of calming energy to be shared between participants.

This or That

Which kind of meditation do you prefer?

How to get started

Pick one, any one, and experiment! If you don’t like it after an honest try, pick another until you find the one that suits you best. You may find your choice changes with your mood. There are numerous books, apps, and websites that allow you to experience different meditations. YouTube is yet another option. Many of these offer free meditations to try.

One of my personal favorites is calm.com. On this site, you can try multiple options with a limited free trial or subscribe for an annual membership. There are other apps as well, such as Headspace and Balance.

Try the free versions first

My suggestion is to try the free options first and see what you think. Most of them offer free trials. Experiment and explore!

Start simple

If you’re just starting, it is much easier to begin with short, guided meditations or join a meditation group for beginners. If you can’t find a group in your area, start one! The important thing is to get started and not worry if you’re not doing it perfectly. Be gentle with yourself, and soon you will not want to start your day any other way - PROMISE!

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