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A View Inside Grammy's World

A few years ago as I approached the entrance of our community with my “precious cargo” (my young granddaughter), she told me this is “Grammy’s World.” I have never forgotten her words.

Grammy’s World includes MANY things, all that create the person I am today, including macular degeneration(AMD).

Grammy has macular degeneration

Part of Grammy’s World is macular degeneration but I have no desire to make that a MAJOR part of my world. In my mind, I can make AMD my primary focus OR I can choose to focus less on AMD and more on all those things that bring me joy and happiness, like my family, friends, and peace in my life.

Taking control of the narrative

There is so much more to life than macular degeneration unless we decide there’s not! Then, of course, that IS exactly what we will get because I believe that we manifest whatever we focus on:

Worried sick you’ll get cancer? Maybe you will. Think your time is limited before you inherit dementia? Then your risk increases because you give so much energy and power to it.

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We all seem to have some health concern on our minds. For me, right now, it’s AMD. How about you?

Resisting negativity with AMD

What’s foremost in your mind? Do you dwell more on the positive or the negative? Are you consumed with worry about the future or your next visit to the retinal specialist?

These are the questions I ask myself when I am anxious or upset about where AMD might lead me and when. Of course, we need to acknowledge our condition and deal with reality BUT we don’t have to allow it to consume our world and rob us of our joy. It’s all a personal choice!


Turn your lemons into lemonade

When I got the unwelcome news over 10 years ago that I had macular degeneration, I knew exactly what was ahead, or so I thought. After all, my mother was legally blind with AMD, could not drive or recognize people’s faces. She stopped going anywhere because she couldn’t see and isolated herself.

My approach is different

Today, I actually think it was her negative response to AMD – not the condition itself – that started her decent into depression. She was my role model for how I did NOT want to handle AMD’s progression. For that, I am grateful.

Being the eternal optimist, I’ve actively searched for ways to “make lemonade from my lemons". I believe we can truly benefit from negative experiences, such as witnessing my mom’s heart-breaking reaction to AMD, and use it to change our perspective and SEE things differently. It was a great lesson for me!

Grammy’s World is both sweet and bitter

Our actions and reactions to our health challenges are being watched – and emulated – by others, including grandchildren, children and loved ones. What are we “teaching” them? How are we helping them face challenges THEY may meet? If we don’t like what we see, it’s never too late to change.

Gather those bitter lemons and start adding some sweetness!

Passing on the positivity

When given lemons (macular degeneration), I want to show my grandchildren how to make lemonade, not how to be bitter, sad, and afraid of the future. Life is good, in spite of AMD!

What behavior are you modeling? Is it what you want? If not, how can it be changed? Please feel free to comment and share your experience – We’re all in this together!

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