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Chasing Sunsets

Last updated: September 2022


Our summer days are so much different now than when we were a busy household of 6, raising 4 kids. In those days, the end of school days for the summer meant a more relaxed schedule for us all.

My job in those days was on the same routine as the kids. I was a Lunch Lady back in the day and this meant I too was out for the summer! Personally, I loved the more relaxed schedule of summer and it was great spending more time with our kids.

Summer days now have a different flavor. Our “nest” is just about empty, the youngest has recently graduated from college and is on the cusp of launching off on his own.

Our day-to-day schedule is truly our own. There are even days I need to check and see what day of the week it actually is. Yes, times have changed.


Being older and wiser (ha) I find myself readjusting and reevaluating the more important things in life. Aging has a way of slowing many things down, refocusing on personal health and wellbeing. My diagnosis of myopic macular degeneration 3 years ago shoved itself into my life path and certainly got my attention.

Experiencing the fear and uncertainty of loss of vision shook me up. Not knowing which way this whole process would evolve, the completely uncharted path seriously messed me up.

In these past 3 years, I have learned one thing: That one thing is I really have no idea what is next. Checking daily to assure myself that things with my vision are staying the same, and keeping my routine checkups to verify this fact is what I can do. Living healthy and taking care of myself is my way of coping.

My art world

I have also discovered a passion for creating art, obsessively, daily. Almost like I need to capture all the colors, the hues, the textures, while I can. It is truly the highlight of my days.

This summer of 2022 has also become my quest to experience as many sunsets as I can. Fortunately, our backyard is the perfect viewpoint for these sunsets.

Our smartphones these days have a mysterious way of letting us know when this daily phenomenon is to happen. I anxiously await these daily views.

The colors

The amazing views of the setting sun are oftentimes stunning. The colors that cascade across the skyline can take my breath away.

Evolving colors start with a brilliant blue, fading into a lavender with deep orange and reds, centering at a bright yellow. Each night is a new show of colors and shades, taking my breath away.

I cannot help but be grateful to be able to enjoy this stunning moment over and over again. I feel so much appreciation to be able to experience these moments and I am ever thankful for the times that I can partake in them. Even with myopic macular degeneration, that joy is not taken away from me at the setting of these days.

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