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Ask the Advocates: What's on Your Bucket List?

Sometimes we need things to look forward to. In this "Ask the Advocate," we take time to learn about a few of the things on our Health Leaders' bucket lists. Is there anything that you want to do?

Bucket lists


My bucket list is simple! I want to travel around to see as many concerts as I can. I love music and know that if I ever lose more of my vision, this is something that I can continue to enjoy. Covid has put a halt on this dream, but I'm looking forward to the days when I can start traveling to concerts again.


While I can still see, I would like to do more travel. My husband is not into traveling so I often make plans with my sisters and friends, such as an NYC trip I have planned with my BFF. My husband & I are still hoping to do a trip up and down the east coast, which got canceled during Covid. Going to the ocean is at the top of my list – I love seeing, smelling, and feeling it – especially seeing the beautiful sunsets.


Trying not to sound like a broken record, it's art. Any and all forms of it are on my list to try and accomplish. I constantly am looking, be it in the real world, on line or on displays everywhere. My mind is constantly searching for ways to recreate whatever I can.


In 2019 I had planned a trip to Romania for the following year. I had chosen my airfare and mapped my route by train from Vienna through Poland and Hungary to Brasov in Transylvania. I had even chosen my hotels and guest houses and started learning a few words in Romanian. Many hours of planning had gone into this, but it wasn't my sight that stopped it. It was something that stopped us all in our tracks – COVID-19. This trip is still on my bucket list.


Travel is always on my bucket list. Almost anywhere. Lately I’ve been thinking about a walking holiday in Ireland and/or Scotland. The hard part would be finding a compatible travel companion who can be my eyes after dusk, as well as not being too far ahead of me in fitness.


I want to help other low vision people to adjust and adapt to our “new normal”. Reading is my passion but now it is on my devices, I can still read enlarged print books but have found ebooks easier and more convenient. My bucket list items include; visiting my parents grave site in Arkansas one more time, returning to my boyhood home in South Florida to see what is still there from the old days and how it’s changed.


You will be surprised to know that I do not have a bucket list and never have had. In spite of that I was able to complete my Associates Degree in Nursing at age 49. I finished my Bachelors in Health Administration in my 50s. If there is something I really want to do I find a way to do it.

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