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Wet and dry?

I have wet MD in my left eye and dry in my right. Does it always progress from dry to wet?

  1. No dry AMD does not always progress to wet. My mother had wet in one eye and dry in the other for many years prior to her death. There are lifestyle changes that may slow progression. They include eating a Mediterranean diet, exercise, stopping smoking, and protecting your eyes from the sun.
    Warm wishes, Sharon Moore Patient Leader

    1. Same problem and eyes. Any research on the cause of this differnce?

      1. NO, seldom does dry AMD progress into wet. In fact, only about 10-15% dry macular degeneration turns wet. However, it’s something many with dry AMD fear (me included) - the injections! However, many experience improved vision with the injections which doesn’t happen with dry AMD. There are pro’

        1. Wow, GREAT! I thought it was almost a given that Dry MD turns to Wet MD! I have Dry in my right and Wet in my left.

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