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Vision is 'blurry'

Hi, I have WMD in right eye and DMD in left eye. Diagnosed in January 2021.

I've had 5 injections of Eyelea in my right eye. I notice that my right eye always seems as if there is liquid on the surface, that I have to blink, but that doesn't clear the blurriness.

The left eye also seems a bit blurry.

This doesn't affect me except for reading.

AND when I am reading I have trouble focusing, there is general blurriness and I also sometimes I have double vision, like my eyes are crossed.

Is this just ME? I use the Amsler Grid. With the right eye I get distortion on the right side of the grid.

With the left DMD eye it seems okay until I move my focus around and then I get distortion towards the center of the grid.

This is making me crazy. I have no problem with anything except reading text. I have a Kindle and I make the text very large, but I still have some blurriness and double vision.

Any thoughts? When I do research, I never read about anything but dark clouds in the central visual field. But not blurriness or double vision.

Thanks in advance.


  1. if you haven’t already made your doctor aware of these new symptoms, you may want to do that. When I had similar symptoms, blurriness and a weird form of double vision when I was driving, I went to the doctor thinking my macular degeneration had gotten worse. It turned out that my problem with these symptoms was dry eye syndrome. Most retinal specialist want to be alerted with any vision changes. I hope you can get the answers you are seeking, Sharon Moore Advocate

    1. I have Eylea injection every 6 weeks too, discussed with doctor if there is chance to extend so I can travel, his answer is not recommended until more stablized.
      There is another drug called Avastin, have you tried it before? What’s your doctor say about this drug? Why Eylea ? Just curious. Thanks

      1. there are a number of drugs which can be used in the injections and I'm attaching a link to an article about them here I don't know how doctors choose which drug to use for a particular patient. Best wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

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