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Vision distortion

Hello! I am new to the group but have been living with dry for many years. I was diagnosed with wet AMD in one eye in December. I have received two Avastin shots before my doctor switched to Eyelea. My symptoms are accelerating in spite of the treatment. The last two days, my wavy lines have affected words to the point they are distorted and appear italicized. I found myself covering my eye to read or look at anything because the distortion makes me feed nauseated. Had anyone else experienced this?

  1. Oops feel nauseated, not feed

    1. I'm sorry to hear that your dry AMD has turned to wet. I think I have heard other community members mention that they have tried covering one eye to read, but I think they consider it to be a temporary measure, and not the answer to their difficulties. Are you able to mention this development to your doctor? Wendy, Advocate.

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