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Newly diagnosed wet AMD

I have had dry AMD for 6+ years in both eyes and have faithfully taken AReds2 twice a day. Six weeks ago my right eye turned wet, and I received my first injection. I was to have injections every 4 weeks. Unfortunately, I contracted Covid and had to reschedule the appointment to today, 6 weeks out. I received great news from my RS that the fluid was almost gone. As such, instead of scheduling my next injection in 4 weeks my RS said to schedule 6 weeks and we will see how I’m doing. This was very encouraging to me. My left eye has beginning wet AMD, and they are watching this. I had stopped driving at night on my own. My fear is being told I can no longer drive. I’m so glad to have found this support group.

  1. I am glad you reached out to the community with your experience with AMD. I have dry AMD and have learned so much about the condition from being an active member of the community. It’s great your injections are working well and the time between injections is longer as a result. I think we all share your fear of not being able to drive. My optometrist recently told me not to drive at night. I limit my daytime driving to familiar areas. We have community members that have been receiving injections for a number of years and their vision is holding well. My sister with wet macular degeneration for 7+ years has much better vision than I do with dry. There are some lifestyle changes that may help to slow the progression if you are interested. Best wishes, Sharon Moore team member

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