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Has your macular degeneration progressed recently?
What do you experience when your MD progresses?
How do you feel emotionally when your MD progresses?

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  1. I thought this was funny. When I was getting shots in my right eye, I noticed lumps on my legs when I shaved. I thought wow, those are some pretty ugly fat deposits. Then I need shots in my left eye, and that's when I notice while putting lotion on my arm the lumps there. What I realized is the distortion from the Lump in my Macula was distorting my legs. I'm glad to know my legs aren't that lumpy.

    1. we have to laugh whenever we can. I never thought that the things I see on my body might be a visual distortion caused by the big bump in my macula. Maybe I look better than I thought! Thanks for joining the conversation and starting my day with a chuckle. Are the shots working to slow the progression of wet macular degeneration? Warm wishes, Sharon Moore Patient Leader

    2. that really is funny, although it must have been a bit worrying at first. It's not often that we can deal with our lumps and bumps so easily! That's one issue out of the way for you. Best wishes, Wendy, Patient Leader.

  2. Regarding the survey about progression - there should have been an "all of the above" check box. For me -blurriness, colors fading, Amsler grid? forget it - lines like waves in the sea. floaters, flashes, the works.

    1. I can imagine this can feel really overwhelming. Have you spoken with a mental health professional about your meds / taking another approach? Hoping you can find a solution with them soon. Warmly, Abby (Team Member).

    2. We sail along thinking nothing will change and then it does. That's true about all of life, of course. With AMD, it is just more obvious and worrisome. Easy to push the panic button. Believe me, I know. Then it is three deep breaths and an "okay, what do I do about this? Floaters, ugh.

  3. That's how the "dry to wet" progression works for me. I've been back and fortth a few times.

    1. I started out a year ago with shots to both eyes. The left eye stabilized (with come vision limitations) in 3 months. In the 4th month the right eye seemed enough better that they let me go a month without shots. This situation did not last. I was back to shots in the right eye in January and in June my left eye went dramatically back to wet SO I'm currently back to shots in bot eyes.

    2. thanks for elaborating. It has been a roller coaster for you over the last year. At least the specialist has been keeping a close watch on your eyes. Is it you who notices the change when you have a bleed, or does the doctor find it? Wendy, Patient Leader.

  4. Right now the wet AMD is limited to the right eye with the dry version in the left being fairly stable. What's complicating my right eye is a cataract that came out of the blue and has made my sight more hazy. It's not bad enough yet to require removal but it's just one more thing to deal with. I'm also worried about when the left eye will go wet, which will neccessitate injections and more anxiety. My prescription is dead on so I can drive, read and watch TV fine but that ticking clock just looms louder as time passes.

    1. I know what you mean about the ticking clock, although for some people the progression can be very slow. It's good that you can still drive, read and watch TV and I hope it stays that way for you for a long time. I have cataracts, too, with my dry macular degeneration and it does add another degree of difficulty. Mine don't need to be removed yet, but the day will probably come. Best wishes with your sight, Wendy, Patient Leader.

    2. I can imagine that having that cataract come out of nowhere was shocking and left you with anxiety about the future of your vision in general. I'm staying hopeful that your left eye remains stable, but just know that there are great injection options that can really help with wet AMD (if it comes to that!) I'm glad to hear that you can still read and watch TV. You're definitely not alone in feeling that ticking clock, which is why I think it's amazing that you're here to share your experience and thoughts with us. Keeping you in my thoughts and looking forward to continuing to connect with you here in our community. All the best, Abby (Team Member).

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