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Has anyone found any good products or methods to help with magnification for reading? This could be for day-to-day reading of newspapers, magazines, mail or any other type of reading. A community member is asking for ideas and guidance. Wendy, Advocate.

  1. Today this article was published about a device that should be helpful. It is expensive but sounds very helpful.
    Sharon Moore Advocate

    1. Thanks Sharon. I hope people who need a magnifier will read this article. Wendy, Advocate.

      1. Saving this for later. Right now I read everything on line, not on paper, so the font size change is good enough. Thanks for the information, Sharon. I've just gone through 24 hours of a difficult reaction to my 4th Eylea injection (getting better at last) and I couldn't keep either eye open. WOW, I cannot be blind, I would flip out. Or, adjust, of course. I've always accommodated one disability after another, and I guess I'll manage what comes along. No choice.

        1. Did you get through to the on call doctor? I am glad it is starting to feel better. Never hesitate to call your doctor when you are concerned about a symptom. Your eyesight is precious and worth every precaution. Sharon Moore Advocate

      2. Hi...I'm just getting more familiar with this site and saw your query. Just a few wks ago I received this dome magnifier and it has worked great so far. I do a lot online, but for when I really have to read something small, this does a good job. Works best on the flat....newspapers/magazines/recipes etc. Doesn't work well on a small paperback book. Got it on Amazon:

        1. thanks so much for your reply. I'm looking forward to checking this out. Thanks for the link! Wendy, Advocate.

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