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A community member was wondering if others have found any particular type of room lighting, table lamps or globes to be useful for daily activities. Wendy, Advocate.

  1. I have found that a small LED Olight flashlight that is just three inches long is useful in dark spaces and has a clip that allows you to fit it onto the brim of a baseball cap. It easily fits into my pocket and allows me to read fine print. It has a rechargeable battery and a magnet on the end so you can place it on metal surface and use it as a lamp. There are other companies out there that are probably cheaper and maybe better quality but this one has been indestructible.

    1. thank you very much for replying and sharing this information. The Olight flashlight sounds great, with its small size, clip, magnetic base, and rechargeable! Sounds like it would be useful in many situations. Best wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

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