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Is there a name for your level of vision?

Recently I concluded that I don't know what term to use to describe my compromised vision. As Sam @ The Blind Life says, "I can see but I can't. It's complicated" So what defines "Low Vision", "Visually impaired". I believe I understand "Blind."

  1. thank you for your interesting question. These terms aren't often explained. My mother was legally blind, but she could see quite a lot of things. I did some research, and I'm attaching a link to information on these definitions. Best wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

    1. Oh yes that is very helpful. I find myself best described as Low Vision+. How lucky I am to have technology to bridge the gap. The beginning phases of gradual vision loss are so subjective. When I was first diagnosed with AMD eight years ago I decided it would be easier to learn adaptations for vision loss while I still had fairly good vision. So far so good. Appreciate my iPhone,, YouTube and this forum. Thank you, Wendy @Brown Eyed Girl

      1. I think it is a great strategy to adapt to various forms of technology while we still have the vision to learn to do this. Have you used voice control to make and receive phone calls? I'd like to master that skill, even if I go back to normal usage for now. The phone was one of my parents' biggest challenges as their sight deteriorated. Wendy, Advocate.

    2. That's interesting, Wendy, yes I do use voice to make calls but I DIDN'T know about answering calls. Let me tell you, I've missed quite a few or actually disconnected a few more trying to find the Answer button! I'm more likely to miss a FaceTime call than any but my family is quite patient and understanding and know I'll call right back. I'll check on YouTube or Doug at for answering a call by voice.
      Another voice thing I need to figure out is I'll ask Siri a question and I receive a lot of text answers (unlike Google who just tells me the answer albeit not much detail). I always think, "Siri, honey, if I could read comfortably I wouldn't have asked you!!" Need to find out how to have Siri's answers read aloud. Thank you, @Brown Eyed Girl

      1. I'm not using Apple, but have Samsung devices. Mostly they do the same thing, I believe. If I work out any of the tasks we have been discussing, I'll let you know. Thanks for the tip about That looks interesting. Best wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

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