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I am terrified.

Grandmother had mac-degen and a few other problems that left her without sight.

I was diagnosed with rapid onset non-age-related macular degeneration about two months ago. I am a 58-year-old third-year junior in college. (I know, what was I thinking...)
The problem is I travel a lot, and have been away from home for two months, away from my eye Dr team.

Is there anything I should be doing? I am taking a lot of breaks from the computer and taking a macular degeneration eye health supplement. That is pretty much all I know to do on my own.

I am scared that I won't be able to finish my last year next year.

You know on Facebook, your memories pop up? Two years ago, I posted, "The neon zigzags are starting. They must be too long on the computer." I noticed it, but still thought it was eye strain, the grays that came after the neons.

It is like a great big "C " with neon on the left and gray on the inside.

I appreciate this group; I have read quite a few entries.

Thanks in advance,


  1. Annie it can be so scary receiving a diagnosis of macular degeneration. You said that you were diagnosed with non-age related fast progressing macular degeneration. I am not sure what that diagnosis means for you. If you are not already under the care of a good retinal specialist, I hope you will consider finding one. If macular degeneration is advanced to wet it is treated with injections. For those of us with dry macular degeneration, taking the Areds2 eye vitamins and making lifestyle changes may slow the progression. I am sharing a link in case you want to read more on this subject

    I encourage you to be an active part of this online community. You will find invaluable resources and support. Best wishes, Sharon Moore team member

    1. I appreciate you and your wise words. When I get home in June or July I will start treatment, whatever they say to do.
      How about Ms. Sharon, are there some bulbs better than others, are lamps better than overhead?
      I have so many questions.
      Do "computer glasses" help at all?

      Again, I thank you so much.


      1. has written a helpful article on lighting
        In my experience, having computer glasses made can be very helpful. I no longer use a regular computer and use a iPad instead. My optometrist recommended having special glasses made for when I am reading. I would love to hear a update after you see your doctor in June. Warm regards, Sharon Moore Advocate

    2. I appreciate you, Sharon. It's coming so fast. I feel like I need to prepare or something. Learn all I can, you know, and be proactive. That seems like the only thing we can do.

      Thanks again. I am going to read that article right now.

      1. Preparing yourself ahead gives one a sense of control in my experience. Some of our community members have visited low vision clinics that specialize in tools and aids to help manage life with low vision. Warm regards, Sharon Advocate

    3. I sew, quilt and crochet. I have changed all my lighting to LED. I wear the Blue glasses while on the computer and have changed the font so I don't have to strain. I have also reprinted all my recipes to larger print. I mostly use my IPad for recipes. I try not to overdo anything that will tire my eyes! I pay for it the next day. Even working in the yard with sunglasses is too much sometime. Trial and error for what is best for you. As a side note, I have everyone in the family, 12 years and up wearing Blue glasses on the computer! Hang in there. Mammie312

      1. I'm sorry you've been diagnosed with macular degeneration, but congratulations on the way you are approaching things. You are taking precautions and adapting as necessary. I have intermediate dry amd in both eyes, and I try to plan ahead as you are doing. Both of my parents had amd, so I know the areas they struggled in, although they weren't lucky enough to be able to use modern technology. Warm wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

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