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eye injection

I have received injections in my left eye for 2 years with just feeling pressure. Just received first injection in right eye. Betadine swab burned in right eye but never in left eye. Felt like the needle had a hard time entering eye and the pain was horrific but not so in left eye. Right eye stayed sore for 2 weeks where as left eye is sore for only a couple of days. Can anyone tell me why this happens?

  1. that sounds awful! I'm wondering if you had the same technician, the same doctor, the same preparation routine and the same medication in the shot? Wendy, Patient Leader.

    1. It was the same prep and same doctor as my left eye and same meds

      1. thanks for elaborating. It's an unfortunate mystery then, unless your doctor has any ideas. I hope future injections are better for you. Wendy, Patient Leader.

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