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Wet and Dry In The Same Eye?

According to my retina specialist, the dry could take all my vision before the wet takes the center vision. Already lost center vision in other eye. Traveling this road for 9+ years.

  1. I have had dry AMD in both eyes for a long time, with one eye advancing to wet. I still have the dry AMD in the centre of my vision as well as the leaky blood vessels of the wet. So in my opinion, I have both wet and dry in the same eye. Heres a link that you might find interesting:
    I hope this helps, Cora Lyn, Team Member

    1. Everybody who is wet has been dry before and when he is treated with intravitreal injections injections he is dry again. The dry AMD is the basis which runs parralel and proceedes, only from time to time you get wet and are treated. In former times the wet form was the final catastrophy. Thanks Lucentis and Eylea now you have the chance to be dry again but you belong now to the 15% with the diagnosis wet macular degeneration.

      1. I didn’t understand, initially, that dry AMD doesn’t “convert” to wet — weak new blood vessels grow and leak, but the drusen don’t magically go away. Which means that you get injections to prevent bleeds, but you can still lose vision from Geographic Atrophy. This was very disheartening news. I’m an artist and a musician and detailed vision is important to me. I wish it were possible to get low-vision rehab training BEFORE your vision gets that bad — it would be much easier to learn equipment and techniques before it becomes an emergency.

        1. , I do have some vision loss, maybe around 20/50 or 20/60, but not legally blind. But learning that the dry part can progress means that there is no guarantee that I will not become legally blind in the future. And I’m the kind of person that the more I know, the less I worry, so I think exploring a low-vision clinic is a good idea.

        2. You and I are in similar circumstances with vision loss. I do not live close enough to any of the low vision clinics so I try to learn all I can from others on this website are through research. I’m amazed at all the tools available to help us as our vision worsens. Accessibility settings on my iPhone, iPad, and new TV allows me to enjoy reading or watching television. Best of luck in finding a low vision clinic in your area, Sharon Moore advocate

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