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I’m not requesting recommendations but am wondering if anyone has information on various anti depressants or anti anxiety meds that won’t interfere with wet AMD. I assume some meds mat not be safe to use. I just need some info on various safe meds so I can bring them up to my dr next visit. My anxiety/depression is elevating my darn bp. I don’t have hx of hypertension so thought maybe could benefit from antidepressant. Thx.

  1. Hello! I love that you are asking this. It is so important for each of us to educate ourselves on what best helps our unique individual needs. Your doctor is a wonderful place to go for this question. If it were me wondering this, I would contact my retina specialist and ask about anxiety and antidepressants that they would recommend for you that won't interfere with the treatments and progression of your wet AMD. Then, ask your primary care physician and between the three of you, figure out what is best. I hope this helps! Please keep us updated, I'd love to know what they say as I love learning as much as I can about our overall health and the health of our eyes. -Andrea, Team Member

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