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I was diagnosed with CNV mayopic cnv. Is that a type of Macular degeneration? This site does not clarify that.

  1. CNV myopia, like macular degeneration, may cause loss of central vision. It is treated with anti vegf injections the same as is used for wet macular degeneration. Several in our community have CNV myopia. Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

    1. This site is not working right I tried doing a reply!!!!!!!

      1. I think you have worked it out. I have replied to you below. Wendy, Patient Leader.

    2. I am 73yrs old and no one told me this could happen to me, being myopic! I am so afraid it could happen to my other eye which has cataracts and floaters. I am pretty much blind. I have a blurry hole in my vision with wavy lines and loss of color. It is very disorienting. I can no longer make jewelry and I will have to sell my ebike. The worse part is that I have no support no family or friends near me to help me and now after everything that has happened to me, this happens!

      1. thank you for sharing your situation with us. You do seem to have a lot of issues with your eyes, unfortunately. You will find a lot of support in this group. And it is so much more difficult when you don't have family or friends nearby to help. Do you have a good retinal specialist? Is it myopic macular degeneration that you have? Transport is so important if our vision deteriorates. I'm lucky to be pretty near to bus and train, and can get an Uber if I have to. I may move closer to family if I can't cope myself. It is such a shame to give up your hobbies. Have you thought about visiting a Low Vision Centre. They would have suggestions on magnifiers and lighting and other options to help you. Wendy, Patient Leader.

    3. Yes it ismCNV

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