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are injections for dry macular degeneration worth the risk

Syfovre and other complement inhibitors are known to increase the risk of developing leakage or bleeding in the retina, known as wet AMD.

  1. that's what my previous retinal specialist told me and my new one told me the same. He said he is not using it in his practice because of the adverse reactions he is aware of. Whether or not it's worth the risk will be an individual decision between patient and doctor in my opinion. Are you considering having it?Wendy, Patient Leader.

    1. Thanks

    2. you're very welcome. Wendy, Patient Leader.

  2. My retinal specialist told me Syfovre would triple my risk of developing wet macular degeneration. Since I am in the mild to moderate stage of geographic atrophy he wants to hold off starting this treatment. He believes another treatment may soon be available. He said he would only start Syfovre if my condition worsens. Do you have GA?
    Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

    1. Thanks! I have my appointment in a few minutes. I will hold off!

      1. whether to take it or not is best a Decision you make with your retinal specialist. Your doctor knows what stage you are and should discuss risk versus benefits so you can make a decision. What is right for me may not hold true in your case. Keep me posted. Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

    2. The retina specialist told me that he would not inject for dry Macular Degeneration just now. Syfovre’s six month data report showed that there are complications of vasculitis where vessels become inflamed and can impair vision.
      Zimura, is another drug, but even if the FDA approved to it, he would want to wait six months.
      It turns out I would not have even been given the shots but I sure am grateful to have gotten your advice. Thanks a lot!

      1. your retinal specialist seems to be taking the same caution with new treatments as my doctor does. Sometimes side effects pop up that are unexpected. I trust my doctor completely. I hope your vision holds steady. Hopefully a new and safe option will be available for us soon. Regards, Sharon Moore patient leader

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