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Anyone else have macular dystrophy

My eye doctor said I do not have AMD, I have macular dystrophy which is an inherited disorder. He left the room so did not have enough time to ask him questions. I have been taking AREDS2 so should I still keep taking. I read somewhere that vitamine A would help with my condition. AREDS2 does not have vitamine A. Should I start taking vitamine A too.

  1. I have AMD, however if it were me I would call the office of your eye doctor or a new eye doctor and make an appointment to discuss this and next steps. Seems a bit rude and insensitive to leave a patient with out explanation or guidelines on what to do next or how to care for this new diagnosis.

    1. I think there are other people in our community with macular dystrophy. I hope some of them will chime in with their experiences. I agree with that you should contact your doctor. You need more information and guidance. Did you previously think you had age-related macular degeneration before you got this diagnosis of macular dystrophy? Only a medical professional can advise you about the best supplements to take. I hope you can get the answers out of your current doctor, otherwise a second opinion would be a possible path to take. Please let us know how you go. Best wishes, Wendy, Patient Leader.

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