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Advocating For Yourself

Do you find it easy to advocate for yourself in public when faced with adversity?

Have you run into a situation where someone may be unaware of your visual impairment?

Tips or advice on how to handle situations like these?

Be sure to read Tiffany's first article about advocating for herself when someone

  1. I have learned to speak up when I need assistance. This happens most often when I am grocery shopping. I usually have to ask someone to read the expiration date for me on produce. I have found people are usually willing to help. Sharon Moore Advocate

    1. This is so important to call out, thank you Sharon! I am so glad that you've had positive experiences where people have willingly helped you read the finer print on produce. Thank you for sharing with the community. Best, Abby (Team Member).

  2. we helped my mother advocate for herself when we asked her friends and home-help to say who they were as they approached. This allowed her to greet and speak to them confidently, rather than hesitating until she could determine who they were. She was more empowered this way. Wendy, Advocate.

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