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Advice / Hope

I have recently been diagnosed with Wet AMD in 1 eye and Dry AMD in the other. I am a male 55 year old.

It is very scary to hear no cures and Anti VEGF injection costs are so expensive where i currently live and work {Asia} .I have started injections last month using Avastin as it is more affordable than approved alternatives. I have also started taking daily vitamins to help prevent my Dry AMD eye turning into wet version.

I am reaching out to others who may have similar conditions to offer, advise, help and hope for my future if possible.

Many Thanks

  1. there is reason for hope. I wrote this article
    Avastin is commonly used to treat wet macular degeneration. You can check out this website to see if you qualify for assistance with copays
    You mentioned taking vitamins. Did your doctor recommend areds2? Following a healthy lifestyle may also slow progression
    We are here for you. Reach out anytime you have a question or need encouragement. Warmly, Sharon Moore patient leader

    1. Dear .

      Many Thanks for your reply.
      For me everybodys circumstances are different. Maybe i am just feeling sorry for myself and hopefully that will change. However , right now all I know is that 4 months ago everything was fine and my eyesight was normal. Now, i have wet AMD and dry AMD. I am 55 years old and work in construction business. I have problems walking on the building sites now because of my distorted vision. I need to work to live and am certainly not financially ready for retirement. My health insurance does not cover AMD. The cost of injections both where i live and worldwide are ridiculous. When i read about any new treatment i read it will cost a fortune to have treatment. 1 case in New York i read about a company charging 850,000 USD for a one of injection of a new drug with money back if not work.

      It is so sad that companies inventing treatments are not wanting to help people but only line there pockets.

      This may all sound very negative but unfortunately that is how i feel. I am having injections costing 300 GBP per month for a non- approved drug for AMD. The cost would be 700 GBP for approved drugs. This is cheap. In surrounding countries, the cost trebles !

      I am basically worried sick if my dry AMD turns into wet. As then i will not be able to work anymore. I am taking many different vitamins to help with the DRY AMD but i feel it also starting to get worse quite quickly. @

    2. I can understand your situation is very challenging. I can see where construction work would be difficult with dismissed living. Fortunately Medicare and a supplement cover all the cost of my treatments. I am hoping that stem cell therapy will be an option within the next 5 years. You are young enough that it may come in time to preserve most of your vision. My sister has had wet AMD for 10 years now and still has good vision. The injections have worked well for you. Warmly, Sharon Moore patient leader

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