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A Reminder

This is a statement not a story. I am 69 and have had Stargardt's (juvenile macular degeneration) from my early teens and most likely before that. I have posted here before.

My statement is, like you have seen on a lot of these posts, do not give up. Do not be unsafe, but do what folks with good vision do. If you fail, well you have tried. Frustration will engulf you at times, but do not give up.

You will be stronger visually and mentally when you do not give up.


Your pal in low vision, Chuck.

  1. Chuck you statement is so encouraging to others with Stargardts. Not giving up applies to all us living with low vision. I shared a link to your post with a Mom whose son was just diagnosed with Stargardts at 14. I thought it would encourage her and her son. Thanks for sharing, Sharon Moore advocate

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