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16 years of anti-VEGF for wet AMD and still seeing well

For 16 years I've been taking injections in my right eye for wet[-AMD. In fact, on June 30, 2006, I had had 3 injections and improved vision to the point my retinal specialist asked me to appear on TV in our metro area with him. I also became a patient-ambassador to tell my story over many areas in the U.S. Though I live with AMD, I'm faithful to do everything my retina specialist tells me. So my vision still amazes me in light of both of my parents having wet AMD in both eyes & dying blind. Further, I shared my story with our sons and other in the genetic line I have. Eternal vigilance is my motto for keeping vision the best it can be. And I still function completely.

  1. Wow!!! Sixteen years. That's really impressive. So glad you wrote in with your story.
    Newly diagnosed people often think that there is no hope. Truth is that the disease seems to effect each of us differently. Positive attitudes like yours and sticking with the care plan make a huge difference. Thanks you for writing.
    Beverly Dame, Advocate

    1. . Thanks for kudos on my sharing. This bulletin board helps in lots of ways. It tends to overcome erroneous information by the actual testimony of those who pos about their experiences. My ongoing counsel is to see a retinal specialist.

  2. Finding someone you trust and listens to you is key. Beverly Dane, Advocate

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