Up Close and Personal with Linda Hoopes

This is the first of a series of informative video interviews of people living with Macular Degeneration (MD).

What's it like living with macular degeneration?

Since MD makes reading difficult for many, the intent of this series is to offer a format that can be heard, eliminating the frustration of trying to read. Plus, in using a video format, real people can be seen who will share their personal challenges and tips.

A video interview with Linda Hoopes

This introductory “Up Close & Personal” interview is with Linda Hoopes, an Advocate on Maculardegeneration.net. John Hoopes, Linda’s spouse, was the interviewer.

Linda states, “Having dry macular degeneration myself, experimenting with a video format for our community made a lot of sense to me since reading is often a challenge.” In future videos, Linda will be conducting the interview. She will cover different topics of interest with others challenged with MD.

Please let us know your thoughts about this video format in the comment box below and also suggest any ideas you may have for future interviews. Enjoy your first Up Close & Personal interview...

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