May Have Wet Macular Degeneration in My Good Eye

I am going for my 9th shot on 1-22-2021, so I have been really paying attention to my vision in both eyes.

Small black smudge in my good eye

About a week ago I notice a small black smudge in my good eye (left). I first thought that it might be a floater, but after really watching it carefully it does not behave like a floater and it is quite a bit larger than all the floaters I have. My eyesight in that eye is good. I do not see this black thing all the time only early in the morning.

Worried it's beginning to bleed

I have a bad feeling that it is the start of the bleeding in that eye. I guess I have to tell my doctor on the 22nd about it. I am one of those patients that is terrified of these shots so having to get a shot in my good eye is scary. My right eye is really showing improvement. I see the shadow if I really look carefully but I do not see it when I read or just look normally.

Feeling scared and depressed

Right now both of my eyes' vision is really good. Keep in mind that I do not need glasses to see far away. So if the wet AMD is checked my vision is excellent. Now I am totally depressed at the thought that I might have to get shots in my left eye also. Just when the doctor has told me that he will space the shots for my right eye because of the progress.

I know I sound like a little kid who wants a lollipop, but I am being honest. I always try to think about the patients who have far more problems than I do, but I still feel bad.

Edie Laude

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