Last updated: November 2020

I was diagnosed four months ago with wet macular degeneration in the right eye and dry in the left. At the time the visual acuity in my right eye was 20/400 and 20/60 in my left eye. The retina physician had the personality of a robot. He answered my questions with either a yes or no – except to tell me that my case was serious and that I needed a shot. I got almost no patient education and absolutely no emotional support. He hardly looked in my direction, except for giving me a shot and telling me to come back in a month.

Had to do my own research

I did my own research and found an absolutely wonderful book. Every patient should have this resource: MACULAR DEGENERATION: A COMPLETE GUIDE FOR PATIENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES, SECOND EDITION, BY MICHAEL A. SAMUEL AND JOSHUA HEDAYA

Seeing improvement after the injections

The good news: after one shot the visual acuity in my right eye improved to 20/100, after two shots to 20/100, after four shots to 20/80. Also, my physician finally spoke to me in a full sentence.

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