Living with Wet and Dry MD

5 years ago I had cataract surgery. A year later, film was detected on my right eye retina. Along with that, something was detected to be wrong with the optic nerve. No treatment was available. Vision is a blur with good peripheral sight.

Wet and dry MD

I have regular checkups. A week ago I was told by the retinal Dr. that I now have wet MD in the right eye and dry MD in the left eye. I started the PreserVision vitamins, and also take 1200 calcium and 5000 D3 (prescribed by one of my other doctors). I will be seeing a new retinal doctor in 6 months, but will also be seeing my regular ophthalmologist next week as I need a stronger lens for my left eye.

Learning more about dry MD

All of my treatment will be for the left eye since nothing can be done for the right eye. I am looking for ways to work with the dry MD and learning more about it.

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