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Last updated: October 2020

I had macular changes for two or three years. I was being followed and advised on what to look for if my condition changed from dry to wet. I was in Florida by myself and noticed, almost overnight that I couldn’t read easily, watch t.v. or use the internet with confidence.

Both eyes progressed to wet AMD

I made an appointment, got on a plane for home, and saw my doctor who said both eyes were now wet AMD. I had injections that day. It has been nine years and my sight is good. The injection solution caused cataracts to form. I will have them removed in December. Beforehand, I will have injections and following, another series as the removal of the cataracts can cause a flare in the AMD.

Regular injections and appointments

I have been monitored with great care. My injection periods go up and down depending on the OCT results each visit. I am very grateful that there is a good treatment as I was on the leading edge of the new treatment. Before, only laser was available.

Having regular appointments and regular injections is the key to success.

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