Wet AMD Caught Early

Last updated: May 2023

I am a retired ophthalmologist so when I first noticed metamorphopsia (visual distortion of straight lines), I quickly contacted my retinologist.


He confirmed that there was wet AMD just beginning. An anti-VEGF drug(Lucentis) was administered and the symptom disappeared within 24 hours! With every 3 month maintenance, it has not returned after one year.

Stay alert

My message: Be alert for visual changes and don't delay seeking treatment. Once edema, scarring, and hemorrhage set in, treatment is much less effective if at all, from my experience.

We are lucky to live at a time that these wonder drugs are available. In time, better treatment with easier means of delivery will happen.

In the meantime, healthcare experts usually recommend eating plenty of leafy greens, nuts, and salmon, and quit smoking. It’s important to talk to your healthcare provider on ways you can improve your treatment.

Dianne Aronian, MD

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