Macular Degeneration

Last updated: January 2020

Almost 2 years ago I noticed a bright light in my right eye. I went to my eye doctor, he realized there was bleeding behind my retina, and he sent me to a specialist. He told me I had macular degeneration, and it's the wet kind - harder to treat and is found in black folks, Asians and Indians. I am 71, and a mixture of black and Indian.

He gave me a chart and explained how to use it. If I think the situation is getting worse, I should come back and see him. In the meantime take PreserVision and fish oil. I did my first eye on the 28th of October, after two years of research and four doctors, my right eye will be done on November 25th, I was afraid, cautious and paranoid. I do feel hopeful and the procedure was not as daunting as I anticipated.

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