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At, we believe that we are stronger together than we are alone. Living with macular degeneration can be a challenge, but the more we share and support one another, the better off we will be. Whether it’s your own story of how you manage macular degeneration as well as manage complications, to tips on daily living, we want to hear from you!

So please submit your own personal story about macular degeneration here, and check back often to read about how others are living with (or even struggling with) the condition. We hope that these stories become a source of inspiration and support for our community.

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  • maison
    7 months ago

    I have a question about the Amsler Grid. When I first started using it, about a year ago, I had to wear glasses, and the lines were perfectly straight. Well, my visual acuity has improved to the point I rarely wear glasses except for the REALLY fine print. In fact… I drove into town and did my shopping and other running around and didn’t realize I didn’t have my glasses until I got home and saw them on the table.
    Anyway…. I have noticed when I look at the grid now without my glasses, the lines on the sides seem **slightly** wavy. But>>>when I look straight at thse lines and not the dot..they straighten up . And then when I look back at the dot….the side lines remain straight!!! It almost seems like a “focus issue” rather than a drusen issue, if that makes sense. Has anyone else ever experienced this phenomenon? I have totally changed my eating habits and eat lots of veggies, lots of berries,very little sugar, and I make a “green” juice every day. To get my lutein, I lightly poach an egg everyday (as runny as can be, but still be safe).

  • Andrea Junge moderator
    7 months ago

    Good, question, @maison! Such great news to hear your visual acuity has improved so much!!!! Though I have not personally experienced the ‘wavy’ lines remaining straight after I look back from the dot, I do use the Amsler Grid as my personal weekly check to make sure ‘nothing has changed’. If you haven’t talked to your doctor about this already, it may be a good idea to do so, as they would most likely be able to help you understand exactly what’s going on when you’re looking at the grid. You may also find this helpful to read off of our site. On a side note, I really need to find a ‘green’ juice recipe that I like! I’m more of a smoothie girl myself, but have been trying to venture out!
    -Andrea, Team Member

  • maison
    7 months ago

    Hah! My “green juice” is whatever I have on hand, and the quantities vary, based on how much I have on hand. I use 3 or 4 goodsized handfuls of kale as a base, and then add about an inch of ginger root, (if I have some spinach or arugula, I throw a few handfuls in, too). If I have a beet, I use about half of it, a few stalks of celery are nice, a cored apple is good, a lemon is great. To finish off, I sometimes juice a sweet potato, but always end with as many carrots as I can fit in. Berries or grapes are good to add too….but they tend to clog the juicer…so I put them in early in the process, so the bulky items like the sweet potato or carrots can push the “berry mush” through the grinder and clear the channel. I think the lemon (or lime…and use the skin, too) and ginger are essential for good taste………

  • shelby-comito moderator
    6 months ago

    I am a green juice fanatic, too @maison! I start every morning with it and always pack it with kale, spinach, lemon juice, and usually some almond butter and a banana – and yes, any other things I have on hand that need to get used up. Sometimes a jalapeño for an extra kick! Thanks so much for sharing your tips – I’ll have to try carrots and ginger next time! – Shelby, Team Member

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