Eternal Vigilance vs. Anxiety

In January 2006, I got diagnosed as having wet AMD in my right eye but not in my left eye. In March 2006, I got into the study for Lucentis at stage IIIb. After 3 injections of Lucentis [March/ April/ May], I had recovered sight well enough in my right/injected eye that I was seeing about 20/35 instead of 20/200-400.

My left eye had stayed good. Now, 16 years later, I still get periodic injections in my right eye and see well for my age/stage [i.e. presbyopia]. In that 16 years, my retina specialist detected a little fluid in my left eye: He jumped on it with 3 injections over 3 months--I've never had to have another injection in my "good" eye.

I'm still "eternally vigilant" in checkups and injections and a special mix that fits my DNA [namely, cut out the zinc from PreserVision]. And I'm doing well!

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