Progression to Wet AMD

I am a 76 year old woman and I was diagnosed with dry AMD 8 years ago and it remained stable until this past February. One Sunday morning, I couldn't read the words in the hymnal my husband was holding, I had had no problem reading it the week before.

I got in to see my ophthalmologist the next day. He told me that my right eye had changed to the wet form. He immediately made an appointment for me with a retinal specialist. When I first saw him my vision in that eye was 20/200. He began injections of Avastin on February 28. Not a pleasant experience because of my sensitivity to some of the medications used, but worth it.

By the second time, I saw him there was already an improvement. Intervals between injections gradually increased and when I saw him today for my 5th injection my vision was 20/40 and he increased the interval to 12 weeks. But, he also told me that my left eye has developed into wet AMD and we will begin injections for that eye next week. Vision went from 20/25 to 20/40 since my last visit so he caught it quickly.

Hoping for good results again.

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