Can Vision Improve After A Diagnosis?

Having been diagnosed with macular degeneration in March of 2019, it has been two years plus of retinal specialist appointments. Simple eye chart and eye pressure test, followed by intense scanning and the interpretation of those scans. That has become my vivid interpretation of my eye appointments as I check the calendar of my life.

An optometrist appointment

Somehow I never got around to my “regular” eye appointment. Perhaps because my vision was so distorted (in one eye) that I never even considered it. Dealing with compromised vision on a daily basis, I let this pretty important part of eye care slip to the bottom of my to-do list.

I am not even sure what prompted me, but I scheduled this check-up, finally.

Not a worry

The optometrist appointment was scheduled and off I went.

I proceeded to this appointment solo, knowing full well that there would be no need for dilation as I endure this at every specialist appointment. I found it interesting that this appointment did not factor into my worry category. I have already experienced the worst of my worries in this field. This was a piece of cake.

A normal appointment

A quick test for eye pressure and peripheral readings, next up the actual eye exam. This part of the eye exam always amazes me. Sitting up close to the humongous “glasses-shaped” equipment, peering through each lens, noting which is better, one or two, two or three. Amazed how, with just a flick of the lens, items projected became so much clearer and defined.

A bit skeptical

I was skeptical when the examination moved over to the affected eye. Surely, there was nothing that could be improved on. This degenerated eye was a wash, and nothing could help. Much to my surprise, there was an improvement on this eye as well. Things that I was sure could not be made better became more distinct and clear. I was truly thrilled.

My assumptions were correct, no dilation necessary as I have this done so often.

At the conclusion of this visit, I was pleasantly surprised. My vision had not really changed that much - just a slight revision in the prescription was needed. When I voiced my surprise at this, the doctor proceeded to explain.

How could this be?

When I initially had my eye bleed and visited this office, my vision registered at 20/400 in the affected eye. At this appointment, my numbers were showing 20/30. Clearly not the best, my oh my, so much better than before. I was astounded. How could this be?

It was explained to me quite simply. When I was in the throws of the awful bleeds, my eye was angry, inflamed, hindering any good vision possible. Now, through the course of these dreaded, appreciated, eye injections there has been a success.

The irritation and inflammation in my eye calmed down. Reducing these things has, for now, halted the downward spiral. The scarring will always be there, but nothing worse. Giving me hope, that at times, I did not think was truly possible.

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