Feeling Vulnerable as My AMD Progresses

Last updated: September 2020

When I was first diagnosed with AMD at 65, I was not surprised. My mother was legally blind with AMD & my first cousin on my dad’s side can’t drive due to AMD. However, out of 5 children, I’m the only one with AMD.

A lifetime of being fiercely independent

Of course, the diagnosis concerned me but when I started having difficulty reading small print & numbers and blurred vision 8 years later, I began to become more anxious. I understood the reality & progression and began to feel very vulnerable after a lifetime of being fiercely independent.

Mild depression and anxiety

So far, this fear has been my biggest obstacle which led me to seek counseling. When I understood what was causing my mild depression & anxiety, it became a little easier.

I am hopeful there will be a treatment in my lifetime and am truly grateful it is not worse than it is at 73. I am still driving but not in unfamiliar areas or at night. Feeling cautiously optimistic - TODAY!

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