Fighting the Battle of Seeing Well

Last updated: September 2021

Just read your article about healthy things to eat (spinach, kale) with macular and also about sun rays. Haven't heard about the damage that sunlight OR computer blue light can cause until reading it here. And never heard of orange light either.

Thought the sunlight was good for me

I am a 79-year-old, 24/7 caretaker for my husband and live where sunlight is present every day here in Denver. Had no idea my sitting outside trying to keep my spirits up without a hat or sunglasses would be a concern. Thought I was doing something good with the sunlight to keep Vitamin D levels and spirits up.

A horrible struggle to see correct numbers and words

I have to spend a great deal of time between phone, computer, reading, notes, letters, to keep on top of my husband's medical issues, paperwork galore. It's beginning to become a horrible struggle, as I find I am not seeing correct images for numbers and some words, or don't see my mistakes with balancing account, etc. Using Soothe for eye drops and the Preser Vision, Vit. D3, K2, C, and a couple others.

Seeking eye care suggestions

With the stay at home issues, some eye doctors, (mine) have not be available. Nor have clinics been open. Also have the eye pads you put in the microwave to put on to increase moisture. How often should those be used? Can anyone tell me how to lessen the blue light on phone and computer, and more about the orange light? I also have Ocular Histoplasmosis and dry eye film blurriness. I have several lesions in both retinas from the Histoplasmosis. HAVE to be able to see to care for my husband who has cancer and dementia. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.

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