New Doctor

Last updated: March 2021

My doctor quit so on my next visit March 19th I will be seeing a new doctor in a new place.

Terrified to see a new doctor

I know this sounds ordinary. Right! Well After going to the same doctor at the same place for over a year where I received 9 injections it terrifies me to # 1 go to a new place much further, and of course, seeing a new doctor.

My previous doctor was extremely patient and considerate

I feel foolish writing this down but I have no one to share this ridiculous feeling of dread. My previous doctor was extremely patient and considerate knowing I was very anxious. It takes me a long time to get numb so he always put a lot of gel in my eye and waited for me to get numb. He did write in his notes in my file that was sent to my new doctor about my numbing problem. But I agonize thinking that the new guy may ignore all the notes. It is hard for me to admit that at 88 years old I am such a scared person. I make myself sick playing these worst-case scenarios in my head over and over.

Thank you for letting me talk freely.

Edie Laude

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