My Wet and Dry MD

Since childhood I have always had very low vision in my left eye due to amblyopia and myopia.

Little by little my sight lessened

I did not go regularly to any eye specialist, because my right eye had 20-20 vision and my eyes had adjusted to develop my own depth perception, so I was able to have a driver's license. Little by little over the years, sight in my right eye lessened, slightly, and I still saw the same hazy way with my left.

When I was 70 years old, I began to see black floaters in my left eye. I went to a retina specialist and was told I had wet macular degeneration in my left eye and dry in my right. They gave me one shot. I changed doctors in the same practice because the first one was very rude.

I switched doctors

After I switched, the next doctor was afraid to treat me because I had complained about the first and refused to give me the subsequent shots. Then suddenly one night I heard a pop inside my head and from then on I had a black disk blocking my vision in that eye. I now also have dry eye syndrome. I changed doctors within the same practice again because I felt the second one should have continued the shots and I maybe would have not lost my sight in that eye so soon, and, the fact that they are the only ones my insurance will cover.

An emergency appointment

My appointments are every 6 months, so I am worried about the eye with dry macular degeneration because I have no communication with my doctor in-between visits. I am now seeing black floaties in my right eye, so I made an emergency appointment with the doctor and was told I should see a brain doctor.

In the meantime, I hope I am doing the right thing by staying out of the sun and using artificial tears.

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